Zac Brown

Multiplatinum GRAMMY Award-winning artists Zac Brown Band will kick off their summer tour “Down The Rabbit Hole Live: Zac Brown Band 2018” with stops at some of America’s most iconic baseball parks. With two nights at Fenway Park and Citi Field, the tour will also see ZBB open as support for the Eagles at AT&T Park and Petco Park.

2017 was a record-breaking year for Zac Brown Band as they sold out shows at Denver’s Coors Field and Chicago’s Wrigley Field during their 40+ date 2017 “WELCOME HOME” North American tour. The band played to over a million fans on last year’s tour, which Billboard described as “an epic show run”.

The band is represented by CAA, Scooter Braun Projects, public relations firm JONESWORKS and strategic digital marketing agency Southern Reel.

Coy Bowles

When I was a kid, I had a room that was next to my bedroom at my parent’s house. Actually, it was part of the attic. It was my world and secret passageway into music and all things creative and awesome. The walls were filled with photos of my favorite bands, musicians, and skateboarders that had been ripped out of magazines and stuck to the wall with thumbtacks and Scotch tape. There was a hammock in this musical, isolation chamber that was filled with sleeping bags and old pillows. I would sit in the hammock and listen to music everyday. Read More

Clay Cook

Hello, Internet. This is awkward so I'll make it quick.

I was born on April 20th, 1978 (send cash, not presents) in Atlanta, GA. Had a relatively simple, suburban upbringing. My interest in music was a little out of the ordinary for most 5 year olds. I was actually PLAYING guitar by 7. While everyone else was playing video games, I was practicing scale fingers & chord changes. I am still good at Tecmo Bowl though. Read More

Daniel de los Reyes

Where to start... I have been playing drum set and percussion instruments as far back as I can remember. I think I was probably banging inside my mother's womb until she could stand it no more and said "you're out of there" like an umpire in a baseball game. But on a serious note, from the day I was born I heard many different styles and rhythms of music due to the love my parents have for music. My mother is Puerto Rican/American and my father is Cuban/American. I clearly remember my mother always singing beautiful Puerto Rican melodies to us all the time when we were growing up. She loves to sing. Read More

Jimmy De Martini

Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. While my parents didn’t play any instruments, they would always have music playing around the house and anytime we were in the car. The Police, Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and many more were all shaping my musical taste from an early age. Read More

Chris Fryar

I hit things! That's what I do. I guess it makes me one of the most laid-back people I know. I suggest you try it...hitting drums, that is! When you see me onstage with a smile on my face, it's because I LOVE what I do.

I was born in November of 1970, and according to my mom, I was an easy-going, laid-back, happy child. She also claims that I was singing and banging on pots and pans at a very early age...but I don't really remember any of that. Read More

John Driskell Hopkins

Howdy, folks. John Driskell Hopkins here. I was born in San Antonio, Texas on May 3, 1971 at Lackland AFB and I was raised in Gainesville, GA. (Go Big Red)

I have been singing since I could talk. Like a lot of us who grew up in the South, my earliest musical experiences were in the church choir. Choir was a great place to gain a real understanding of vocal harmony and musical structure. Read More

Matt Mangano

Hello everyone. My name is Matt Mangano and I play the bass. I'm honored to be the newest member of Zac Brown Band. Having been the director of Southern Ground Studios, I've been around the gang for a few years, so it already feels like home. Since you may not know me yet, I'll share a little bit about myself. Read More