Zamily, WE DID IT!! Over the last week, we've all worked hard to make Zac's 36th birthday the best EVER by making the largest donation to Camp Southern Ground in Zamily history.  

Last year, we raised over $12,000 on Zac's birthday to help build the Camp. While we weren't sure that donation could be topped, once again, you all have left us astonished with your incredible, giving hearts.

We just presented Zac with the Zamily's gift--A $13,073.60 donation to Camp Southern Ground!! To say that Zac was speechless is no understatement. After giving him a moment to process all of your incredible generosity, Zac expressed his appreciation and love for this amazing group endlessly.

Zamily, Zac loves y'all more than we can find the words to say!! So, for lack of words to express how grateful we are for each and every one of you, we simply say "thank you." Thank you, Zamily, for showing Zac some real Zamily love and for helping to make his dream of Camp Southern Ground a reality. Zac, the Band and the entire Southern Ground team are so happy to have each one of you along for the ride with us. WAY TO GO, ZAMILY!!



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