Chris Fryar is back with another Sounds With Sweets playlist sure to put you in a Funky mood!

"Funk music is a genre of music after my heart and soul. When the groove is super funky, you canít help but move some part of your body to the beat. While itís always been danceable, the term ďfunkĒ (as it applies to music) doesnít necessarily refer to something you would have heard in a disco in the late 70ís.

If these tunes make you want to move some part of your bodyÖthen the funk is alive and well within you. If not, try listening to this playlist while behind the wheel of a really long, early 70ís model car such as a Cadillac DeVille, Buick Electra 225, or a Chevy Impala and see if that doesnít help change your disposition.

Is this the definitive list of funk musicÖcertainly not. But for the uninformed and relatively unfamiliar, this would be a fine place to start your exploration of the genre.Ē -Sweets



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