Jimmy de Martini shares his quick tips to begin a healthier lifestyle, and have you prepared to join him and Clay Cook's fitness Boot Camp during Sun, Sand & Southern Ground! See what Jimmy has to say...

On Change:

"If you are just starting a new diet or exercise routine, keep it simple at first.  A lot of people tend to starve themselves or drastically change their normal routine.  If it's unrealistic, it won't last long.

Start by only eating until you are satisfied, not full.  My hardest problem is I was always taught to finish my plate, and I had to race my Dad and brother for seconds! Order or cook a reasonably sized meal, and when your are satisfied, pack it up, push it away, throw a napkin on it, whatever you have to do.

If you haven't exercised in while, start slow.  Do some pushups, sit-ups, or squats.  These simple exercises can work almost every major muscle group.  They will not only build muscle, but are low weight enough to do over and over and burn calories. Even if you have to start with 1 rep each and repeat, you can still get a great workout with just your own bodyweight.  Increase the reps every day. There are many days on the road when I don't have access to any exercise equipment and I just repeat those three.

And remember, it's not only about fitting into that bathing suit, it's about getting that heart rate up, and feeling accomplished.

Start the Day Right:

"Stay away from eating too many sugars and breads for breakfast.  It is important to eat something to get your metabolism kick-started though.  Try some low sugar cereal or oatmeal.  Fiber will keep you full longer.

If you exercise in the morning, a banana or some honey before your work out is perfect for a little energy without weighing down your stomach.

Join Jimmy and Clay's Boot Camp during Sun, Sand & Southern Ground in 2 1/2 weeks! Need to book your room? You can still join us in Punta Cana here.

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