Get yourself and everyone you know in the holiday spirit, as Chris Fryar shares some of his holiday favorites in this week's Sounds With Sweets Holiday edition.

"Once a year, for a short period of about six to eight weeks, we all get filled with the holiday spirit. For many, there are a myriad of holiday songs that supply the soundtrack to our season of giving, rejoicing, and wanting to kick the crap out of that (presumably) evil person who just grabbed the last of whatever item you were needing to complete your holiday shopping. Ah…’tis the season to be grumpy over having to park two hundred yards away from the store entrance…only to find out that the store is out of whatever regular, mundane, non-holiday item you needed to make dinner for the family unit. Hopefully, these songs will help you to remember to at least be kind to one another along the way, if not brighten your mood and put you into the holiday spirit." -Sweets



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