Where does one start when one must cover such acreage of topics? Well, I guess you just talk about what you remember. Last week we threw our 2nd Annual Southern Ground Music & Food Festival: Nashville Edition. I think all involved would agree that it was the most successful SGMFF to date. The site was perfected. The line up was boss. The fans were wonderful. The weather was outstanding. Also, the food wasn't too shabby either. It's really exciting to be able to finally see something grow to exceed expectations.

A few days later we threw our 2nd Annual Tailgate Show. Along the same lines, the growth was thrilling. Just in case you didn't know, it's a show & auction that we throw yearly at the Southern Ground Amphitheater in Fayetteville, GA benefiting Camp Southern Ground. The show is an intimate set for 1500 folks. This year was great. Lots of surprises & good times... & we raised a good amount of money for a good cause. I just got home from our show in Mobile, AL. It was pretty touch & go there for a minute. Tropical Storm Karen gave us quite a scare a few days ago threatening to bow up to hurricane level. Luckily, she was more bark than bite & ended up being a 'tropical depression' & never really making landfall... making last night's show possible. Great show for yet another bunch of good people.

On the horizon, we have our Charleston Festival. In its 3rd year, we all feel at home at that site & really are looking forward to bringing the love down to coastal Carolina in a couple weeks. Another stellar lineup & great vibes coming your way.

We will also finally be able to chip away at our new record in November during CMA week here in Nashville. Since we have such a busy touring schedule, we've had to hoard some time away from the road so we can actually start this thing. We're very excited about it.

Anywho, let's keep this train a-rollin.'