This is an odd life we lead. We stand in front of people & play music... for a living. Don't ever think that we lose sight of that. Especially when we end up playing for a crowd of people that might have only heard the NAME of our band but nary a tune. It's been a long time since we played the underdog. We've been lucky enough to have a wildly successful past few years in the US & on country radio, specifically. However, in our travels to Australia & back to London (only two times in the past two years) we are on the bottom rung at festivals & giant rock show line ups. We are unflappable though. One of my favorite things to do now is play for people who don't know much about us & arm wrestle them for their fandom. (Google: Lincoln Hawk). We played Glastonbury on Saturday; possibly the most beautiful weather that I've ever seen at a festival... which is rare for said festival from what I was told. We played in one of the many tented stages. 45 minutes. "Go out & do your thing, boys" & we did.

Hard Rock Calling was Sunday in Olympic Park & we played 3rd of six bands... before Alabama Shakes, The Black Crowes, & some band from jersey called Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. It was kinda nice to be surrounded by some great American bands in a foreign land... friends & acquaintance with all three of them. 50 minutes. "Go out & do your thing, boys" & we did.

Monday came our headlining show in London at Shepherd's Bush Empire. We played the same spot two years ago so, again, it was nice to have some familiarity. The crowd was definitely a different dynamic than the festivals. We played "Whiskey's Gone" second in the setlist. Not a single from country radio (hell, they don't even HAVE country radio over there). But something very odd struck me: the crowd was screaming the words from the verse BACK to us... like they were singing the chorus to "Chicken Fried." It wasn't the fact that they were singing along... it was that they were singing the verse of a deep album cut. The energy was NUTS. We really can't wait to get back... but in the mean time, we have a TON of unfinished business to settle back home: there's a lot of stateside cities that we're just itching to get back to... some have been a few years since last we rocked. I'm actually writing this on a plane over the Atlantic; heading to Ottawa from London. Still won't get stateside proper for a few more days... but I miss you. Get some rest, eat right, & get some exercise.