It's the third and final installment of this month's "Sounds with Sweets." In today's blog, Chris Fryar reveals which albums never cease to inspire him. 

"There are many records/CDs that provide me with a constant flow of inspiration. Regardless of how many times I listen to them, I always hear something fresh and new. I would like to think that everyone (musicians especially) has a list of albums that never cease to inspire. Though the list is extremely long and encompasses many genres, here is my 'go-to' list that Iím always guaranteed to find inspiring:

Ten Summonerís Tales --- Sting

Songs In The Key of Life --- Stevie Wonder

A Love Supreme --- John Coltrane

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman --- John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman

Vinnie Colaiuta --- Vinnie Colaiuta

A Boy Named Charlie Brown --- Vince Guaraldi Trio

Aja --- Steely Dan

Col. Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue Unit [LIVE] --- Col. Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue Unit

Under The Table and Dreaming --- Dave Matthews Band

Star Time --- James Brown

Live and In Living Color --- Tower Of Power"

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