It's the latest edition of "Sounds with Sweets."  In today's blog, Chris Fryar tells us what albums got him started on the drums.

"I have people ask me all the time how I learned to play drums. Well, to be truthful, I learned by listening to and playing along with lots of records. When I got my first set of drums at the age of fourteen, I raped and pillaged the record collections of my older siblings to have music to play along to, as well as buying a few of my own. What were those first record albums that I played along to? Here’s the list (or at least what I could remember of it):

Ghost In The Machine --- The Police

Zenyatta Mondatta --- The Police

Saturday Night Fever (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Led Zeppelin --- Led Zeppelin

TOTO IV --- Toto

Toulouse Street --- The Doobie Brothers

1999 --- Prince

Boston --- Boston

Kind Of Blue --- Miles Davis

Live and In Living Color --- Tower of Power

At Fillmore East --- The Allman Brothers Band"

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