Coy and Clay have been featured in Keyboard Magazine!


"How do you keep improving as keyboard players at home and on the road?

Clay: Our schedule on the road is busy. Weíre usually up early, and there are workouts and the ďeat and greetĒ events with fans before the show. Sometimes weíll do jams at sound check before a show, and thatís when Iíll get some Hammond playing in. When I have a three-day run at home. Iíll usually focus on guitar one afternoon and piano for part of another. It helps me to ďplay what you already know.Ē Iím always trying to play and sing whatever AM Gold í70s songs I feel likeófocusing on the voicings, the tension. The songs are mostly jazz-ish, but not jazz. Thereís a piano at the house, so Iíll pick things out in difficult keys. This works well because Zac tunes down a half-stepóso the songs are in keys like F#, Db, B, Eb and Ab, instead of G, D, C, E, and A.

Coy: The transposing saves Zacís voice. Heís done this for years. Clay and I donít transpose artificially; we play the songs in the tuned-down key. Learning songs in keys like Gb, Eb, and others actually helps me dream up new scales and melodies."

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