Holy Moly Macaroni.

We were honestly surprised to win a GRAMMY last week for 'Best Country Album.' The band attended more to have a weekend out with the ladies. Then Zac got asked to perform. No one, I mean NO ONE, was more surprised than us about the win. We are so incredibly thankful.
We just finished a really fun run in Missouri & Nebraska. Having a 3-show weekend with near flawless playing from the band is always very rewarding. Check out some really awesome photos taken by Southern Reel from this past weekend here.

Lots of ZBB fun on the immediate horizon: A 3-show run in Florida that will culminate in a performance before the Daytona 500 on Sunday. We're all really stoked about that one... & to watch the race in person as well.

The following week, we'll play RodeoHouston again. It's always a fun show. In the weeks after that we will have the first set of band rehearsals that we've had in a LONG time. Looking to revamp some musical things in the show. We're all very excited about that. We look at it as our job to be entertaining to the fans... just trying to polish that.

I would talk about Australia at the end of March, but I'm honestly not sure what to expect. We're VERY excited about it. NONE of us know what to expect.

Anyway, I have to get back to being awesome. Talk to you later.