... & the closing of another year was nigh. We are all kinda on hiatus from Zac Brown Band touring madness. Everyone is off doing their own thing. There's no time like the final month to reflect on a year... & this has been quite a hectic one. While our perception in the public eye may not have changed, we have had massive expansion in many ways. There are more co-workers, babies, buildings, businesses, albums, & friends than there were a year ago. We want to thank all of the fans for going along with us on many of these new endeavors.

Camp Southern Ground is closer to a reality. Southern Ground Nashville Studio IS a reality now. The two festivals were amazing this year... & we hope to have more cities involved in the years to come. While we didn't get back to Europe in 2012, we did finally play a couple shows in Canada. The new album, 'Uncaged,' has exceeded everyone's expectations that were set a mere year ago when we started recording it. It's just been a great year all around.

We're very excited to spend the holidays with our friends & families this year. But I'd imagine that we'll be "fit to be tied" by the time our 'end of the year' shows roll around. It's like a highly addictive drug: once you melt a few thousand faces, there's only so many days you can go without meltin' some more. So stay warm, put marshmallows in your hot chocolate, & remember that it's the season of giving... & you get what you give.