This summer/early fall has been so busy that small things, like this blog, has fallen to the wayside. I'm just glad I don't have a pet fish.That dude would totally be dead.

Anyway, I shall continue with my sincerest apologies. It would be silly to try to recount EVERYTHING since the last blog... so I'll just go with recent history. The biggest of deals was the last two Southern Ground Music & Food Festivals. One in Nashville & one in Charleston. We were EXTREMELY proud of the musical lineup that we trot out there for both events. Some wonderful music was made over the 4 days at both events. I honestly can't wait 'til next year & have started scheming already with the powers that be.  On a personal note, I was extremely happy to make music again with my old friend. I'm also happy that Mr. Mayer could stretch out a bit musically during his unfortunate down time.

It's getting to be that time of year again for the CMAs. We'll be performing & we're very excited about this one. Tune into ABC on November 1st at 8/7c to see what we're so excited about.

We've also got another new event that we're trying to start up: Southern Ground Tailgatin' Show - Saturday, November 3rd at the Southern Ground Amphitheater in Fayetteville, GA. It will be an intimate show for about 1,500 folks... something that we've not been able to do in a while. ALL proceeds go to Camp Southern Ground, & speaking of the camp, as you might have suspected, Zac doesn't do anything half-assed. That being said, this camp is going to be VERY expensive to build. We've been pounding the pavement to raise funds for this cutting edge facility. The Zamily has gone way beyond to help with this in many ways. However, if you know of any person or business that might be able to help us in ANY way, please connect the dots for us. Visit here: It's a long road, but the finish line will be über-fulfilling.

Well, I gotta go. This guitar ain't gonna play itself. Have a safe, happy Halloween & don't skimp on the candy if you can afford it. There's nothing fun about fun size. 'Til next blog.