Hello, internet. How are you? Oh, I'm fine. I've been very busy. Why don't I NOT listen to what you have to say (KIDDING!) and just talk about what WE'VE been doing...


Although it's only been a couple months since we've completed our new record, it felt like FOREVER waiting on it to be released. Everyone who worked on this album was pushed to their limit and, I think, constructed a beautiful product. This album is everything that we are.

That being said, we'd like to thank YOU for going out (or not going out and clicking away from your computers) and purchasing said record. This was easily the biggest week in ZBB album sales ever... and we thank YOU for that.

If you haven't had a chance to grab Uncaged, then we invite you to do so and take a listen.  We love reading your reviews.

The best part about releasing a new record is the effect it has on the live show. We can now play some of these songs that we're so proud of in concert and the performance won't "get lost" in the crowd. We know you want to hear the songs that have put us where we are... the radio songs, the songs you know, the songs that brought you to us. However, we feel really good about our new music... hoping that one day some of these songs will be just as much your favorites as the others.

We've been steadily on tour for the past few months. Played almost every corner of the US at this point. We even played our first Canadian show as ZBB. We were honored to play Kimmel, Letterman, the Today Show and so many other cool places to inform folks about the new album. There's been a lot of work, very little down time and it's all been worth it. YOUR support and the accolades certainly help to keep spirits up.