Country Music is Love - Zac Brown Band 'Put A Whole Lot Of Heart and Soul"Into New Album

Over the course of the past four years, the Zac Brown Band has sold nearly 6 million records, had a historic run of nine consecutive No.1 singles, and gone from playing smokey hole-in-the-wall bars to filling arenas and football stadiums across the country. The band has continued to grow and evolve with each of their albums, and their newest release, Uncaged, is no exceptionZac Brown Band has managed to hone in on a unique sound, while still managing to push the envelope and take chances with their music.

One of the ways the band pushed the envelope with Uncaged was by experimenting with different types of music including rock, island, and R&B.

“We purposely took some chances artistically and musically that some people may not expect,” ZBB’s Chris Fryar tells CountryMusicIsLove. “It’s as a result of us wanting to continue to grow as artists, as a collective artist, and individuals. We put a whole lot of heart and soul into it and we’re really happy with it.”

Fryar says taking chances and experimenting with different sounds is what keeps the Zac Brown Band going.

“The interesting thing is that we feel that as a collective artist we have reached a point where we can take chances and we can color outside the lines of what is expected of us,” he explains. “There’s a great deal of freedom in that and to that regard we are essentially ‘uncaged.’ We’ve been let out of the box and given freedom to do what we want, which is really, really, exciting.”

While the accolades, awards, and No.1 singles leave the Zac Brown Band feeling “blessed,” for them, it’s all about the music.

“We really don’t worry about whether or not we’re gonna make the next hit. We concern ourselves with keeping the music accessible,” Fryar says. “We don’t wanna go play a bunch of really weird-out stuff that’s gonna make someone cringe when they hear it the first time. We want to make stuff that’s easy to listen to and easy to latch onto as a listener and as a fan, but at the same time we don’t wanna rest on our laurels and we don’t wanna take a cookie cutter approach to making a new record. We try to make the best music that we know how to make and we feel that our fans deserve that. We feel that we as musicians and as a collective artist; we feel that we deserve that. We would be short changing ourselves and everyone that buys the records if we didn’t push the envelope as far as we could.”

Pushing the envelope is something that the Zac Brown Band hopes to continue to do for years to come.

“I think that’s the script to longevity,” Fryar tells us. “I think it’s safe to say that we all believe that that’s the secret to longevity. You don’t want to necessarily make the same record over and over and over again. That gets old quick.”