Fast Company features Zac Brown Band's Eat & Greets in this very tasty article! 

From Fast Company:

"Like a Zac Brown performance, the dinner is a careful mix of standards and improvisations. The pocketknife coleslaw and BBQ meats are established hits, like Brown's songs 'Chicken Fried' and 'Knee Deep.' And just as Brown can crank out a mosh-pit-worthy cover of Rage Against the Machine’s anarchic anthem 'Killing in the Name,' Hamlin offers an unexpected take on biscuits and gravy. The biscuits get a fig and agave butter, and the red-eye gravy makes its way to a platter of braised Brussels sprouts. The tomatoes are served with edamame and smoked corn, dressed with a moonshine vinaigrette--the Georgia gang planting a flag squarely in the middle of a New Jersey parking lot.

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