Here at we love a good drunk summer story, and you guys brought it with over 1000 entries to our "Knee Deep" contest. Our winner is  Sue M. who spun a tale of jet ski debauchery last summer. Flody Boatwood would be proud.

"Last summer my son made a "redneck jet ski". It was a shopping cart with water skis mounted on the bottom. Him and a couple of buddies put it in our pond and pulled it with our real jet ski. The amazing thing is it worked! They actually got the shopping cart up out of the water on the skis with my son TJ standing behind it! I couldnt believe it but I guess you can't under-estimate the imagination of boys in their 20's after a few beers! By the way we love being "Knee Deep" in our pond listening to your music!"

Runner-up stories will be notified by email and sent Kingsford grilling packs. Thanks for all the laughs!