From Grilling with Rich:

Zac Brown Band Eat & Greets Sponsored By Kingsford Charcoal

This is a special Grilling with Rich post! During the 4th of July weekend, we traveled down to Charlotte, NC to meet up with Executive Chef Rusty Hamlin and also the Zac Brown Band during their 2011 tour. The Zac Brown Band has partnered with Kingsford charcoal which spotlights Brown’s favorite southern recipes, prepared by Southern Ground Executive Chef, Rusty Hamlin, using fresh local ingredients. Chef Rusty. I want to thank Kingsford for giving me this amazing opportunity. I have also complied both the interview and some the recipes into one convent PDF that you can download by clicking here. To learn more about the Eat and Greets click here. I took a lot of great pictures during my amazing July 4th weekend click here to see all of them!

Music and Barbecue: A Great Combination Made in the Backyard

As the trees on the side of the highway passed me by on my way down to Charlotte North Carolina there were many questions that were passing through my head, like how music and food work together? Can the idea of eating barbecue before you sit down and enjoy some great music something that can be spread across the country? Is barbecue an effective way to tell a story like how lyrics in a song tell a story? I hoped to get the answers to these questions when interviewing Chef Rusty Hamlin the Executive chef of the Zac Brown Band’s Eat and Greets.

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