"The guys in the Zac Brown Band are looking forward to spending time with Kenny Chesney on his Goin' Coastal tour, which kicks off tonight (March 17), especially since they know they will be in good hands. Zac Brown says he recently learned first-hand why Kenny has such a stellar reputation in the music community.

"First of all, everyone who is around him says Kenny takes care of his people, second to none," Zac Brown tells CMIL. "He's an incredible guy. I can attest to that, because we got stuck at the airport one time. I called Kenny, and he had already gone to bed. I woke him up and he's like, 'Hey pal, what's going on?' I said, 'We're stuck. I gotta charter a plane. Can I charter your plane?' He said, 'Give me a minute.' He has his pilot call me and send his jet out to pick us up and get us to a radio show the next day. We wouldn't have made it there [without him]."

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