The Boot sat down with accomplished songwriter, Wyatt Durrette, to discuss the Zac Brown Band's latest single, 'Colder Weather.' Wyatt started the song, but it soon turned into a group collaboration with ZBB members Zac Brown and Coy Bowles, as well as Southern Ground Records artist Levi Lowrey.

There was a girl I was seeing, who lived in Kansas City. We really liked each other, but geography and timing just wasn't working for us. She was getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing and wanted me to slow down, as far as traveling so much and all those things. I wasn't willing to do that because we were just getting started, and I'm chasing my dreams.

I was going to see her. We were in Green Bay, Wisc. playing a show with Little Big Town, and it was pouring down snow. We were supposed to go to Kansas City the next day for some radio thing, but the radio people canceled. Instead, we just went on to wherever we were going next. I had to call her and tell her that I wasn't going to make it. She was not a happy camper. She let me have it. I hung up the phone, walked on the bus and wrote the chorus and the melody to the chorus...

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