As I'm sure you've seen, we had a remarkable experience on our USO tour earlier this year and met with a lot of incredible men and women who serve for our country in the Persian Gulf region.
To say the least, it was an inspiring time. And it was this trip that confirmed our partnership with Ram Trucks to start the 'Letters for Lyrics' campaign.
With help from Solders' Angels (who you see at all our shows), 'Letters for Lyrics' encourages people like you to take just a little bit of time and write a letter to be sent to one of the service members serving overseas in the U.S. military.  
With Veterans Day fast approaching and the holidays just around the corner, a letter from you in the hands of one of our military men or women can mean so much. You can help inspire them by dropping a note to say thanks for their service, and send some holiday cheer.
 When you send your note - which is easy when you go to the Zac Brown Band Website , Ram Trucks site and the Ram Zone blog - a member of the U.S. military also will receive a copy of our  'Breaking Southern Ground' compilation,  featuring three songs from us, as well as music from artists signed to Southern Ground Artists, Inc music label - Sonia Leigh, Nic Cowan and Levi Lowrey.
You've helped us collect thousands and thousands of letters so far.  All letters submitted will be delivered by Soldiers' Angels, a nonprofit organization, working with us and Ram Truck Brand.  Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led organization with more 225,000 members providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, along with veterans and their families.
Chrysler Group supplier partner George P. Johnson will compile and print the submitted electronic letters that will then be sent on to Soldier's Angels for delivery.