As we roll into spring and summer, it's time to start dragging out those grills and thinking about barbecues, gatherings with friends and family, and what you're going to be making for these folks to EAT! Have no fear, we have a SIGNED copy of Zac's brand new cookbook, Southern Ground: Recipes, Lifestyle and Lore (Volume 1), and want to give YOU a chance to bring it on home.

All you have to do is:
* Make the recipe (for Zac's Pocketknife Clowslaw) found HERE.
* Record a video of yourself preparing the recipe.
* Upload your video and send us the video link! (submission form is HERE)

Yup, that's IT!

We'll be sharing some of your videos as they come in. Once we get all of the submissions, the band will judge them and we'll pick a winner!


P.S. Want a copy of the book but don't think your cooking skills are "up to snuff"? Order yours TODAY, right HERE in the Zac Brown Band store!