Zac Brown was one of more than 70 artists who showed up to record the remake of the iconic 1985 anthem We Are The World.

The world premiere of We Are The World - 25 For Haiti will air during NBC’s coverage of the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Friday, February 12.  Following the world premiere on NBC, it will air on other networks throughout the world. 

Executive producer Quincy Jones said,  “25 years ago, the entertainment industry showed the power of community to help our fellow man when we recorded ‘We Are The World’ to bring relief to those suffering from famine in Ethiopia.  And while the need to assistant Africa continues, today the country of Haiti is suffering immeasurably from the destruction due to the recent earthquake and is in immediate need of relief that will last long after the television cameras have left.  As artists, we have joined together on this 25th anniversary and in the spirit of ‘We Are The World’ to help meet that need.”

Producer Lionel Richie adds, “What an unbelievable group of people who have come together to give their voices, for a cause to start the healing of a people who have experienced a devastation of such magnitude,” said Richie.  “We believe ‘We Are The World – 25 for Haiti’ can be the start of the healing process.”