From Country Music Tattle Tale: One of our readers and his daughter, Earl and Maggie, (both ZBB Street Team Members) went to the Zac Brown Band shows at the Ryman in Nashville. Thinking there wouldn’t be the typical Eat n’ Greets, with his daughter’s persuasion, Earl posted an invitation to the band to join them at Jacks BBQ for a bite to eat. Knowing it was a long shot, the group went to Jacks with no expectations, but ended up very surprised...

"The Zac Brown Band is redefining what it means to get close to your fans. Where most artist have meet and greets, The Zac Brown Band does Eat and Greets, where the band has dinner before shows with members of the ZBB Fan Club. At the two recent Nashville shows, not only did the band have two Eat and Greets, but John Hopkins (bass and vocals) and his wife and T Bird (Street Team Manager) and her daughter stopped by to have lunch at Jacks BBQ with a group of fan club members. In between bites, fan club members had time to quiz both John and T Bird on everything from the next ZBB CD to the next tour to the inspiration behind songs."

It sounds like it was an amazing time!  What a special treat for fans wanting to get up close and personal with their favorite artist.  I heard the show was rockin, so I know it was a great night for everyone!

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