Listen to the interview with Wilmot Greene, owner of the beloved Georgia Theatre.  The episode promotes the October 30th concert at the FOX Theatre to benefit the Georgia Theatre, at which the Zac Brown Band will be performing.  Read all about the history of the Georgia Theatre and check out the interview airing times below.

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Georgia has one of the most rich musical cultures. Located in the Northeastern region of Georgia in the city of Athens is perhaps one of the most renowned music venues in the State. Athens, Georgia is the music capital of Georgia. The venue is the famed and venerable Georgia Theatre located at 215 North Lumpkin Street in Downtown Athens. The Georgia Theatre has held concerts for many of the most beloved and legendary music acts: Nirvana, REM, Warren Zevon, the Dave Matthews Band, The Derek Trucks Band, Gregg Allman & Friends, Cheap Trick, and Georgia Clinton just to name a few! Many hit acts like the Zac Brown Band got their start by performing at the Georgia Theatre. Many of the acts that cite the Georgia Theatre as home are loved all over the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I personally have seen too many shows at the Georgia Theatre to count. Many of the interviews featured on this show have been recorded backstage, in the upstairs office and even on one occassion on the stage at the Georgia Theatre. On June 19, 2009 a major fire burned the Georgia Theatre. Sadly, the building is now closed...but, the Georgia Theatre will rise from the ashes. The brick walls remain and there are currently efforts underway to restore this important part of our musical heritage.

Along with great music, we are joined by our special guest Wilmot Greene, the owner of the famed Georgia Theatre. Along with his story, we will learn about what you can do to help preserve this much loved part of our musical history.

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