Join the Zac Brown Band on Friday, October 30th at 7:30 PM for a concert to benefit the Georgia Theatre, home of the Zac Brown Band's first shows.  Read the blog below about the Zac Brown Band's history with the theatre.

From Wilmot Green
Owner of the Georgia Theatre

The history of the Zac Brown Band and the Georgia Theatre is a cool story starting back in 2005... My friend 'T-bird' had been telling me how much I needed to see Zac play.  My high school friend John Hopkins was playing bass with Zac's band.  We had an open Wednesday night at the Theatre so I put together a show with my band, Hopkins' band 'Brighter Shade', and we thought we were being nice by letting Zac open the show.  I was, of course, blown away by Zac's performance and started going down to his place on Lake Oconee pretty regularly after that.

Another memorable show happened when Zac's band opened for Corey Smith in 2006.  That was one of the craziest nights in Georgia Theatre history; the place was sold out and everyone was going nuts!  A string of sold out shows followed that.  Just last year, Zac played the Theatre the same week that 'Chicken Fried' went to number one on the charts.  It was really cool to be a part of Zac's rise to where he is now.  He is an incredible talent, and a hell of a nice guy.  This benefit show for the Georgia Theatre proves that Zac is a man who won't forget his roots. 

The Theatre has always been a breeding ground for up and coming artists, and Zac realizes how important that is to our sacred southern ground.  Please help us rebuild and celebrate Zac's first headlining show at the Fox theatre.  This is going to be an incredible night of music and friendship, and I bet Zac's got a few tricks up his sleeve for this show.