This year's breakout new artist the Zac Brown Band kick off their "Breaking Southern Ground" tour next month - marking their biggest national headlining tour to date. Behind only Lady Gaga, the Zac Brown Band are the biggest selling new artists of the year with their near-platinum debut album 'The Foundation' (Atlantic Records) and a third hit single "Toes" climbing the charts at #19 this week on Hot Country.

Last August, Zac Brown Band performed to a sold out crowd at New York City's 250-body Mercury Lounge. This year, they will return to the city headlining the 3,000 person-capacity Terminal 5, during the CMJ Music Marathon. With many amphitheaters and arenas booked across the country, this tour will bring the Zac Brown Band to their largest audiences yet as headliners.

The tour will provide concert goers with the full Zac Brown Band experience: eat-and-greets featuring Zac cooking up his signature recipes for a few lucky fans in most markets, to performances by three up-and-coming Atlanta-based artists who have been signed by Zac Brown to his label Southern Ground Records: Sonia Leigh, Levi Lowrey and Nic Cowan. The shows will host various on-stage combinations of the musicians integrated throughout the event as Zac Brown Band will make appearances during each artist's set and invite them to join the full band later in the night.

"Obviously we’re always working on our music, but with this tour we're building an experience that involves all senses," says Zac Brown of the tour. "When people come to our show, we want them to smell the food cooking, taste our favorite recipes, watch the light show, listen to some great new artists and feel our excitement - a full five-sense experience."

The Zac Brown band are widely respected for their live shows and musicianship:

“These Georgia boys know how to put on a show.” - Rolling Stone

“...this show emphasized musicianship.” New York Times

“They are a local legend and are an incredible band. If y’all have a chance to see them, do it.” - Atlanta Journal Constitution

To learn more about the upcoming tour and to purchase tickets visit the band's tour page here.