Yay! Our first headlining show at Chastain Park will be on Memorial Day 2009. But before Memorial Day gets here, we just want to take a minute and think about the last 2 months. First, Clay Cook (Yoda) joined us on stage for the first time in Jan at Wild Bills and has been garnering all new fans of his own from coast to coast in the last few weeks. And when we say coast to coast, we have been to been from Nashville to The Rock Boat to Cabo, from Seattle to San Fran and back to NYC and back to LA. Exhausted yet?!  Last week started with a short, 3-day run on the Cayamo Cruise where we got to see some of our heroes perform  like Lyle Lovett, as well as have some of them on stage with us like Shawn Mullins and Darrell Scott. Sixthman out did themselves when putting this event together and we want to thank them for having us on their fine rock cruises.

We have also had some of our friends and upcoming artists out with us on a few tour dates Sonia Leigh, Levi Lowrey and Nic Cowan and we appreciate you for making them feel at home on stage with us. You'll be hearing a lot more of them in the upcoming months.

Mostly, we want to thank you for helping us win our very first ACM!!! This means the world to us and we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to vote. And we are going to do it again in the 2nd round where we are nominated for Top new Artist in Country Music! WHAT? We will be calling on our past, present and future street teamers to help us with this effort. Sign up for the Z Team and you could win tickets, meet and greet passes and ZBB merchandise. We look forward to many more shows coast to coast and seeing all of you at home here in ATL May 25!

And don't forget to vote at www.VOTEACM.com!

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease - ZBB