Happy Holidays Peoples!

Thank you for making 2008 the best year in ZBB history! Although we did not have expectations for what kind of year we would have,  we have accomplished a lot with the help of our fans, friends and family! Just today we found out that "Chicken Fried" has achieved gold status...which means 500,000 of you have bought the single. We still cant wrap our head around it...500,000?!

Not to mention we have folks emailing us everyday that every song on The Foundation could be their favorite, has affected their life in a positive way,  or they just like listening to it on the water....we will NEVER get tired of hearing this and will continue to work hard to make great records.

We also want to continue to give thanks to our troops and other folks making a difference in people's lives.

Just last year this time we were still a bar band in Georgia, and while our hearts will always be in Georgia we have had a blast rocking it from coast to coast over the last 9 months. Check out this video to see what we were up to.

Lots more great memories to come...raise your glasses for a toast to 2009!

~ Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease