Many of you know I love their music, and was finally able to see them live last year in Athens GA.

Well...the Georgia boys are coming to OKC!! June 25th they will be playing at the Wormy Dog in OKC. It's a Wednesday night, but will be worth the drive from Stillwater!

Not only can he rock the stage, but he is a great humanitarian:

Even before his current success, Zac knew that music would be his avenue for giving back. To that end, he is working on plans to develop a Foundation and to open his own camp, an organization called the Homegrown Camp on the Georgia/Tennessee border. Homegrown Camp is a non-profit all-inclusive children's camp that teaches diversity, teamwork, nutritional awareness and life skills as well as music and art. Its amazing how much difference that one week of camp can make for the rest of their lives for these kids, says Zac. I want this camp to integrate kids from all different ethnic and socio-economic groups theyll have to rely on each other, and accomplish things together. Its wonderful when you can see people come together like that.