Nashville, TN - Enterprise, AL - Atlanta, GA!

After four of the busiest days ever for the Zac Brown Band at CMA fest in Nashville, TN, we are headed to the Bamajam Festival in South Alabama where we will share the stage with some world-renowned players. Unfortunately, we won’t be sticking around to see all the great music Bamajam has to offer - because we are going home - for all of 22 hours.

While we miss being at home, we love playing music to new folks every day and every night. The crazy thing is that shows are only 1 - 2 hrs of the whole day so there is a lot of down time to spend with your brothers from other mothers.

Here are a few tips from Zac Brown Band on how to survive being on the road when you’re not pickin and grinning on stage or on the bus:

First, is peanut butter. We love peanut butter - so many different kinds, so many different ways to eat it.

Second, we love air conditioning. With 12 dudes and 2 dogs, you learn to appreciate the comfort of cold air at all times.

Which leads us to the third tour essential: Because of all the cold air and close quarters, you will also want to stock up on Emergen - C or Airborne. Both of which can be purchased on your timely Wal Mart stops. Best not to purchase these items at truck stops as they are double the price.

Good things to purchase at truck stops are water, ice, batteries, “I heart (insert city here) stickers, tiger heads, black metal suitcases and of course cheap sunglasses.

So we are coming back to Atlanta for those blissful 22 hours where we play at Chastain with ZZ Top tomorrow. We played with these guys in Birmingham last week and it was definitely a highlight of our career. We’ll also be doing more shows with Willie Nelson later this summer and Alan Jackson!

So until we get home again, we would like to give a shout out to all our friends, families and folks who take care of us in the great city of Atlanta - the AJC, Kicks 101.5, Atkins Park, Tin Roof, Northside and of course the Dixie Tavern!

We will be home for a minute in August to wreak havoc on your fine establishments. Thanks for your support! And listen for our first single “Chicken Fried” on Kicks 101.5.

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease - Zac Brown Band