Eat & Greet Policies and Info

To find out when the next Eat & Greet lottery will be available, join the Zamily here today!

Eat & Greet passes are available to Zamily members by means of a lottery. Eat & Greet passes are $100 each and are sold only in pairs - $200 for a pair, limit one pair (to continue to offer the high quality Eat & Greet experience to our fans, the price has increased).

Members who are interested in purchasing passes to an Eat & Greet should look for email notifications of Eat & Greet lotteries start times. Once lotteries open, members can CLICK HERE to submit their information and be included in the drawing. All eligible submissions will be compiled and Zamily members will be selected at random to purchase passes. The lucky Zamily members selected during the lottery will be notified and provided instructions on how to proceed with purchasing tickets. Those who were not chosen in the lottery will also be notified accordingly.

Please note: Your submission in the lottery is your commitment to purchase Eat & Greet passes. Zamily members will only be eligible to be selected in the Eat & Greet lottery once every six (6) months. Passes may only be purchased in pairs (limit 1 pair of passes). In the event that you are one of the lucky Zamily members selected in an Eat & Greet lottery, please do not share the ticket purchase link as doing so may result in ticket revocation.

Your name will be automatically removed from the list under the following circumstances:

  1. You have attended an Eat & Greet (as the purchaser) within the past six (6) months
  2. You attempt to enter a lottery more than once per event
  3. You purchase more than one (1) pair of Eat & Greet passes
  4. You share the Eat & Greet ticket link to enable an unauthorized purchase

All Eat & Greet passes will be held at the will call window and the purchaser must be present day of show with a valid photo ID to complete the transaction. Remember, someone from the Zamily Team will contact purchasers a few days prior to the event to confirm the event time and provide meeting instructions (typically, attendees will be asked to arrive at will call up to two hours prior to the door time).

Pictures and signings are not permitted at Eat & Greets. When appropriate, ZBB is always willing to sign and take pictures with fans because YOU have helped make their dreams come true! However, we have found that by creating an atmosphere where the band can step away from signings and photos, they are able to relax and mingle with if everybody were at a backyard family BBQ! Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you at the show!!! It's going to ROCK!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to attend an Eat & Greet?
A: Eat & Greet passes cost $100 each and are sold only in pairs (limit one pair). The total purchase price for a pair of Eat & Greet tickets is $200 (to continue to offer the high quality Eat & Greet experience to our fans, we need to increase the price).

Q: How many Eat & Greet passes may I purchase?
A: Eat & Greet passes are sold only in pairs (limit one pair).

Q: How often can I attend Eat & Greets?
A: Zamily members are eligible to attend Eat & Greets once every six months. The six-month rule considers the date of attendance at an Eat & Greet and not the date of purchase. For example, if you attended an Eat & Greet on May 4th, you will not be eligible to attend another Eat & Greet until November 4th.

Q: How will I know when Eat & Greets lotteries are held?
A: Zamily members will be notified via email of Eat & Greet availabilities and lottery times. You can expect to receive Eat & Greet lottery notifications during the month prior to a given show (for example, all lotteries for July Eat & Greets are hosted in June).

Q: What if I don’t receive an Eat & Greet lottery email notification?
A: If you are concerned that you missed an email notification, please reference the ZBB News section of the Zac Brown Band and Zamily websites, as notices will also be posted there. Please reach out to our team if you suspect you may have missed a lottery notification so we can ensure that you’re receiving our emails.

Q: May I submit my interest to attend an Eat & Greet at more than one show?
A: Yes! While Zamily members may only enter Eat & Greet lotteries once per show, members may certainly submit for multiple shows! However, Zamily members are only eligible to attend one Eat & Greet every six months.

Q: What happens if I am selected during the lottery and I change my mind?
A: Your submission to the lottery serves as your intent to purchase Eat & Greet passes. Please carefully consider your ability and willingness to attend before submitting the form. However, if you no longer wish to complete an Eat & Greet purchase or are unable to attend an Eat & Greet, please reach out to our team to let us know. If you are selected during a lottery and no longer wish to attend, please note that you will be disqualified from entering Eat & Greet lotteries for the following six months. If you are unable to attend an Eat & Greet after completing your purchase, please keep in mind that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q: Do I have to enter my credit card number to participate in the Eat & Greet lottery?
A: No. The only information required to participate in Eat & Greet lotteries is your full name and the show(s) of interest. If selected during the lottery, a Zamily Team member will contact you with instructions on how to purchase passes via a secure channel offered by our ticketing agency.

Q: Do I need tickets to the show in order to attend the Eat & Greet?
A: YES! Eat & Greets are typically held within the ticketed area of venues so you cannot attend an Eat & Greet unless you’re a ticket-holder for the show at which the Eat & Greet is hosted.

Q: Does my guest to the Eat & Greet have to be a Zamily member?
A: Nope! While Eat & Greet lottery participation is an opportunity made exclusively available to Zamily members, we welcome non-members to enjoy the experience alongside Zamily members. Since Eat & Greet passes are sold only in pairs, members are encouraged share the joy of ZBB and the Zamily with non-members :)

Q: What if I have additional questions about Eat & Greets?
A: If you have any questions, please reach out to our team to let us know. We’re always happy to help!

Q: Where and when do I arrive for an Eat & Greet?
A: A Zamily Team member will contact Eat & Greet purchasers a few days prior to the event with additional meeting instructions (attendees may be asked to arrive at will call to pick up their tickers up to two hours prior to the door time).