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Clay Cook Biography

Hello, Internet. This is awkward so I'll make it quick.

I was born on April 20th, 1978 (send cash, not presents) in Atlanta, GA. Had a relatively simple, suburban upbringing. My interest in music was a little out of the ordinary for most 5 year olds. I was actually PLAYING guitar by 7. While everyone else was playing video games, I was practicing scale fingers & chord changes. I am still good at Techmo Bowl though.

Fast forward 10 years. They don't let you take 'guitar' in public school. Soooo, I gave up on being a 5'8" white boy in the NBA. I picked up drums in the fine arts department in high school. By the time I was auditioning for Berklee College of Music, I changed my principal instrument BACK to guitar.

Berklee was great. You get out of it what you put into it. I met some life long friends there as well. I spent two years there & decided to leave school with my then current bandmate, John Mayer. John & I moved from Boston to Atlanta & started writing songs together. That faded away & I joined my Uncle's band: The Marshall Tucker Band. I learned SO much while touring with them.

I left that group to play bass in the first line up of Sugarland (a line up that looks almost nothing like today's duo). During this time I also started producing & engineering records in the Atlanta area. Throw a nice long run with Shawn Mullins in the mix & fast forward to late 2008: I join Zac Brown Band full time. ZBB allows me to stretch out on a bunch of different instruments. It's funny, but I feel that my whole life has been preparing me to be in this band.

Anyway, I REALLY enjoy being in ZBB... not to mention making records for Southern Ground Records full time. Not sure how life could get much better... but nothing will surprise me at this point - well, maybe if Zac's head opened up & an alien popped out... actually, never mind. That wouldn't surprise me.

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